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I'm all about making things happen, finding solutions that not only meet the needs but exceed expectations. From tackling tough problems to infusing creativity, my approach is fueled by a genuine passion for bringing ideas to life and making things happen.

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Backend project for Zero To Mastery

ZTM Passport

The ZTM Passport transforms the educational experience by gamifying learning, motivating students through badges and achievements, creating an enjoyable and enriching journey toward success.

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Frontend project for Zero To Mastery

As one of the original developers on the ZTM team, I've been a key player in shaping a platform dedicated to empowers individuals in their journey from beginners to advanced professionals in the tech industry.

My role involves collaborating with the ZTM team to enhance the website's user experience, implementing innovative features, optimizing performance, and overcoming technical challenges.

Contributing to ZTM has not only refined my technical skills but has also allowed me to be part of a community that champions continuous learning and skill mastery in the dynamic world of technology.

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Community Management project for Various

Community Builder


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Backend project for Various

Bots & Automation Tools