ZTM Passport

Sole Developer
Launched: 5th October 2022
The Project
The ZTM Passport is designed to inject excitement into the educational journey, motivating ZTM students to not just enroll in courses but to thrive and excel. Rewarding students with badges for various achievements and streak, ZTM Passport creates a gamified adventure guiding students toward success and making the educational journey as enjoyable as it is enriching.
The Stack
ZTM Passport is built upon JavaScript and Node.js, with the help of Express.js for a smooth ride. To stay updated it consumes webhook payloads and communicates with a third-party API, storing the data in Airtable, a marketing team-friendly database.
The ZTM Passport is deployed on a Digital Ocean droplet with Ubuntu running the show. Nginx takes care of handling web requests, and PM2 ensures everything runs nice and steady. With additional features such CORS, Helmet, and Cron Jobs to make sure ZTM Passport is robust and reliable. This simple setup strikes a good balance between modern tech and practical deployment.
The Team
As the backend developer for the ZTM Passport project, my focus was on crafting a robust and efficient backend infrastructure. I collaborated closely with both the designer and the frontend developer to ensure seamless integration and a cohesive user experience.
Together, we formed a dynamic team, each contributing our expertise to bring ZTM Passport to life. My role involved translating design and functionality requirements into a responsive and scalable backend, laying the foundation for an engaging and gamified educational experience.
This collaborative effort highlights the power of teamwork in achieving a common goal and delivering a product that reflects the dedication and synergy of the entire ZTM Passport development team.
The Takeaways
In working on the ZTM Passport project, I gained valuable insights and experiences that have significantly contributed to my professional growth. The challenges encountered during the development process provided learning opportunities, allowing me to enhance my skills in backend development and tackle complexities.
The project not only sharpened my technical abilities but also emphasized the importance of effective collaboration. Working closely with both the designer and frontend developer, I honed my communication and teamwork skills, understanding the critical role they play in the successful delivery of a project.
This project stands as a testament to the impact of innovative thinking and collaborative effort, leaving me with key takeaways that extend beyond technical proficiency, encompassing effective problem-solving and the power of a united team.

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